Mother Nature has bestowed upon us bountiful treasures so that we can make our lives enriching. Of these treasures, none is more important than the flora and vegetation around us. Trees and plants are not only a source of life-giving oxygen, but also add aesthetic value to our surroundings. As if these benefits were not enough, many plants have medicinal values with a potency to cure myriad afflictions ‐ from common ailments to chronic diseases.

The Atharva-Veda mentions 289 plants as having medicinal use. Of these, plants such as Akhsha, Ajashrungi, Aparaajita, Apaamaarg, Ashvattha, Indraani, Shataavari, Karkataka, Karkandhu, Kushtha, Vyaaghri, Varun, Plakhsha etc are easily available even today and used in a manner similar to that mentioned in Atharva-Veda.

It then, becomes our primary responsibility to protect, sustain and enhance this nature’s gift so that our future generations continue to enjoy the benefits just as we continue to do. Aware of and living up this responsibility, we are a team of experienced professionals dedicated towards the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Our Story

It was in 1998 that Ambarish Ghatate, took the initiative to educate and encourage farmers to cultivate medicinal plants. The idea was to serve a dual purpose - conservation of medicinal plants as well as financial gain to the farmers by producing yield that commands a handsome value from the market.

Our expertise in the cultivation and marketing of medicinal plants has been endorsed by various reputed institutes and organizations and our efforts have been rewarded with the Khadiwale Vaidya Puraskar.

Our Commitment

Leveraging our network of cultivators, suppliers, medical practitioners and health-conscious end users, we have tied up with reputed pharmacies all over India to assist them in reaching out to a wider audience.

We work with -

  • Agasti Pharmaceuticals, Pune - Maharashtra
  • Bagewadikar Ayurved Ras-shala, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • Bharadwaj Pharmaceutical Works, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • CNS Chikitsalayam, Palakkad, Kerala
  • Malabar Ayurved Ashram, Kanhangad, Kerala
  • Sat-Maha Products, Pune, Maharashtra
  • V. P. Foods, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Vidyanand Labs, Pune, Maharashtra

Our Panel of Experts

Shri Arun V. Mardikar

 Retd. Indian Forest Services Officer

 Extensive experience in raising commercial teak & bamboo plantation

 Worked in Sardar Sarovar project

 Worked in very remote areas and naxalite belt of Allapalli, Sironcha & Bhamragad

 Extensive plantation work done

 Vast experience in raising nursery and zero mortality

Shri Girish Gandhi

 Director of Manakarnika Aushdhalay & Manakarnika Publications

 Extensive distribution network of Ayurvedic companies

 Deals in 10,000+ Ayurvedic products

Dr. R. B. Giri

 Retd. Range Forest Officer

 Ayurved Ratna

 2 times National Award recipient (Forest Dept.)

 Maharashtra Government Gold Medal recipient (Forest Dept.)

 Expert in identification of medicinal plants

Dr. S. S. Bhisen